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Facebook founder Zuckerberg to take two months of paternity leave after birth of his daughter

Salute to FB for such provision in the organisation. We wish that all the organisations in the world must have such mandatory law of paternity leave. Eight countries which have one of the best  parental leave policies Finland, Norway, Hungary, Slovenia, Lithuania, Iceland, Estonia and Sweden

Facebook founder Zuckerberg to take two months of paternity leave after birth of his daughter August 19, 2017

The Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg  announced that he would be taking two months of paternity leave after the birth of his second daughter. While providing details in his facebook account Zuckerberg said he would be taking advantage of Facebook’s option to take leaves in parts.  “When Max was born, I took two months of paternity leave. I will always be grateful I could spend so much time with her in the first months of her life. Our new daughter is coming soon, and I’m planning to take two months of paternity leave again. This time, I’m going to take advantage of Facebook’s option to take leave in parts, he added.The billionaire internet mogul said in March that the couple was expecting a second child” he said.

 He further said that ” I will take a month off to be with Priscilla and the girls at the beginning, and then we’ll spend the whole month of December together as well. I’m looking forward to bonding with our new little one and taking Max on adventures. At Facebook, we offer four months of maternity and paternity leave because studies show that when working parents take time to be with their newborns, it’s good for the entire family. And I’m pretty sure the office will still be standing when I get back, he added. It may recalled that Zuckerberg had also taken a two-month paternity leave following the birth of his first child, Maxima Chan Zuckerberg, in 2015.

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