For your eyes only!

Glued to the computer screen or mobile phone, you feel stressed out. While you enjoy long hours of reading, surfing the net, your eyes are facing the worst onslaught of digital advancement. It is time to stop. We know you cannot stop checking the mobile every 10 seconds, but you can de-stress your eyes by simple exercises of your eyes.

For your eyes only! October 25, 2017

Here’s how you can check deteriorating vision, stress, farsightedness  or nearsightedness etc with 10 simple ways:

  1. Rub your palms and place them over your eyes. Feel the heat of the palms.
  2. Roll your eyes to the left. Stay for 2-3 seconds.
  3. Roll right. Stay. Do this process four-five times.
  4. Move eyeballs – up and down. (4-5 times) See the top of the eyebrows and down your lips or tongue.
  5. Focus on your nose for a few seconds.
  6. Try and look at both the far corners of your eyes. (You may find your focus shifting left to right)
  7. Rotate your eyeballs cloak-wise touching the extremes of your vision. However, do not move your head. Let your eyes do the seeing.
  8. Now move them anti-clock-wise. Complete each circular round in slow motion.
  9. Cup your hands over your eyes and blink fast – 50 times. You can do this two to three times.
  10. Rub your palms and place them over your eyes. Feel the heat of the palms.

Look after your eyes

After every half an hour or hour of heavy duty looking at the laptop screen, close eyes for a minute or two. Concentrate on your breathing.

After driving a two-wheeler, wash your eyes with normal water.  

 The Health Correspondent


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