It’s high time we all must participate in such “Bekauf Azadi” procession      

Equality is most important for all of us

It’s high time we all must participate in such “Bekauf Azadi” procession       August 12, 2017


After along time the city has witnessed a massive voice demanding equal rights for girls to roam around freely during night same as boys raising slogans of Azadi…Azadi…Azadi… for two and half hour in Chandigarh last night. The idea of freedom is what they were discussing and raising their voice for equal justice. The women in procession were reciting poetry, they were singing songs, some are reciting couplets and some were dancing to the tune of songs dedicated for the empowerment of women. Varnika case here turned out to be eye openers for many as a result many parents along with their daughters too have reached here to express their solidarity for equal rights for girls.   Carrying banners of “Bekauf Azadi” in their hands they raised slogans for complete freedom  all along roads from Rose Garden to Arts College Sector 10 from 10.30pm to 12.30 pm. However Keeping in view the sensitive case, I was expecting much more crowd specially of youths keeping in view the strength of students in Panjab University and other colleges. Besides the activists of the different organisations, emotionally charged people from different parts of the city even from Mohali and Panchkula too participated in the procession expressing their solidarity with the activists who were vocally raising voice against the stalking incident and need to change the mind set of male. Girls too have equal rights same as boys to roam freely during night, they said. The Varnika incident has shocked the city which is known for his freedom and safety otherwise.The situation further aggravated when police mishandled the case as the accused happened to the son of the influential person. Later following a massive pressure from the people protest and also as condemned by the politicians of different political parties even of BJP, the police has registered a case of attempt to kidnap against Vikas Barala, a son of Haryana BJP president. As Varnika is educated and daughter of senior Bureaucrat so the duo are fighting this case with full strength and people too have equally supported their cause. It is the responsibility of all of us together to eliminate such henious crime such as stalking and an attempt to kidnap of girl. We must collectively raise voice against such crime…



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