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Tighten the Screws

When I mentioned about the story to a bank official to seek advice, the question asked was a simple one – Why do you want to publish the story? For a moment, you wonder what the purpose of covering such a story is. The obvious answer is to inform, to tell a story as it […]

The Correspondent Dec 2019

Pramendra Srivastava – From science to spirituality

Pramendra's new book, ‘THE LOGIC OF SRIMAD BHAGWAD GITA’ (Interpreting Gita in a new light, with logic and science) talks...

Discovering common roots of Christianity, Islam in Sanatan Dharma

Interpreting Gita in a new light, with logic and science ‘THE LOGIC OF SRIMAD BHAGWAD GITA’ by Pramendra Srivastava

Rahul Gandhi Resignation: Drama or Real?

The fall-out of the severe drubbing on the Congress Party is still playing out in public. It seems the dynastic head of the...
satyendra Bhardwaj

Health and Education Should be Priority!

My expectations from the second BJP-NDA government is on two fronts - national and international level. Nationally or domestically, the government needs...
Rahul Gandhi

Facing Humiliating Loss, Should Rahul Gandhi Resign as Congress President?

Riding on a massive Modi wave sweeping through most parts of India, the BJP was set to return to power as it...
The Correspondent Feb 2019

Modi 2.0

From all election indicators, it appears that Narendra Modi is set for second innings as Prime Minister. Beating popular...
PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi

Who Will Be The Next PM of India – Modi or Rahul Gandhi?

The two slogans - 'Chowkidar chor hai' and 'Ayega to Modi he' – echoed through high-voltage election campaigns spanning over a month....
Rahul-Gandhi Regrets Rafale remark in SC

Rahul bows down in SC over Rafale

Backs down from his Chowkidar chor hai' comment The Congress President regrets having said so in...

BJP: Modi believes in ‘simple living, high ideals’

Asserting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has often donated his personal savings to public causes, the BJP said he has always believed...

RSS has no hesitation in joining ‘Main Bhi Chowkidar’ campaign

Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls himself a chowkidar. RSS has no hesitation in joining the ‘Main Bhi Chowkidar’ campaign. What Modi has done is...

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