President of India addresses the valedictory function of the World Telugu Conference 

The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, addressed the valedictory function of the World Telugu Conference in Hyderabad today (December 19, 2017). 

President of India addresses the valedictory function of the World Telugu Conference  December 20, 2017

Speaking on the occasion, the President said that today Telugu is a global language. It can be heard and read and cherished across continents. It is the language of enterprise and technology, of Indian soft power and of a vibrant Telugu-speaking diaspora that has made a name for itself and for our country. Though it has spread far and wide, the commitment of the Telugu diaspora to its mother tongue and to the culture of its ancestral land remains strong.

The President said that Telugu has often been called a bridge language between the south and the north of our country. Like the Telugu people, it has been assimilative and has accepted and embraced words, thoughts and ideas from other cultures. Telugu has incorporated words from Sanskrit, Arabic, Urdu and English, among other languages.

The President said that the city of Hyderabad too is a bridge between many cultures and regions of our country. It is a pan-Indian city as well as a global metropolis. Its technology industry, pharmaceutical companies and vaccine innovators have contributed significantly to the nation. It has thriving educational institutions and health-care centres, cinema and special effects production houses, and sports facilities. These are a matter of pride for every Indian.

The President expressed happiness over the fact that the Ease of Doing Business state rankings for 2016 were jointly topped by Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. He stated that for a new state such as Telangana to make rapid strides and show such potential as a business and industrial location is creditable. He congratulated to the people and government of Telangana and appreciated the success in hosting the recent Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

The President said that the continued success of both Telugu-speaking states (Telangana and Andhra Pradesh) is a subject of enormous satisfaction.

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