Situation Tensed In Madhya Pradesh

A farmers’ agitation in Madhya Pradesh spread to large parts of the state with protesters torching vehicles, targeting police stations and attacking government officials.

How the incident took place?
June 1: The agitation starts where farmers pour the milk on roads and throw away the vegetables. This lasted till 4th June.

June 5: Farmers head to Pipliyamandi and forcibly close traders’ shops. A few traders resist and their shops are vandalised. After a majority of protesting farmers leave, traders allegedly catch hold of the remaining few and thrash them. One of the farmers suffers a head injury and is sent to a hospital in Udaipur in Rajasthan. Farmers allegedly burn down the houses of traders in retaliation.

June 6: Fight started between Farmers and Traders.
Police came in and situation became tensed,CRPF was called and he forces retaliate and shots were fired at the farmers.

Five farmers were killed in two separate incidents. State home minister Bhupendra Singh says, “There were two incidents at Pipalia. In one of the incidents police had to fire in self-defence when a mob gheraoed the police station. In the other incident, the police fired when there was firing from the mob.”


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