Change unequal power dynamics against women: UN chief

United Nations, March 13 – United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said on Monday that it is important to change the unequal power dynamics that underpin discrimination and violence against women.

“Progress for women and girls means changing the unequal power dynamics that underpin discrimination and violence,” Xinhua quoted the UN chief as saying.

“This is not only the greatest human rights challenge of our time. It is also in everyone’s interests. Discrimination against women damages communities, organisations, companies, economies and societies,” he noted.

“That is why all men should support women’s rights and gender equality,” said Guterres.

Noting that “we live in a male-dominated world with a male-dominated culture,” the UN chief noted that is “why the empowerment of women and girls is our common central objective.”

Guterres said gender inequality are still a common scene, citing a number of statistics including the proportion of women ambassadors hovering around 20 per cent at the UN.

“It is only when we have changed statistics like these that we can truly say: we are in a new era for women and girls,” he said.

He urged action “to give women a chance to fulfil their potential.”

“Women’s participation in decision-making makes peace agreements stronger, societies more resilient and economies more vigorous,” the Secretary General noted. -IANS


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