Honour Killing story

Near Panipat, in Haryana a newly wedded couple was killed in a terrifying manner. The girl was burnt alive while the boy was brutally chopped and his body cut into small parts taken around the village in a procession and later thrown outside his house to send a strong message.

A suspected case of honor killing came into light in Sonipat district of Haryana where naked bodies a man and woman were dumped in a park in two different suitcases. Both the bodies had strangulation marks.

A woman was stabbed to death because she wanted to continue her education and refused to marry the man chosen for her by her family.

In the world of today, it is rather disheartening to see rampant spead of social evils like dowry, sati, female feticide, child marriage and honor killing.  Despite all the information and communication available at our command, has not our education system has failed us to uproot the social evils.

Honor killings in our country have been on the rise. Many in the world may not even imagine, but for the sake of ‘honour’, a father killing his daughter does not come as a surprise to us in the country. Who can believe that a brother will kill his sister or mother for a dalliance? But news of honour killings keep pouring in, make us hang our heads in shame.

Those who have killed for ‘honour’, have killed for reasons as appalling as revealing or non-traditional dresses, sexual preferences, or inter-caste marriages or even personal choice of groom.

This disgusting mindset not only prevails in the Jaat heartland but is omnipresent throughout the country.

How come two words ‘honor’ and ‘killing’ got associated with each other? The dictionary meaning of honor is: Esteem, glory and reputation. By adding the word ‘honor’ to ‘killing’ we use the language of those, who justify this gruesome crime as the outcome of their so called “honorable” motives.

And their pointless lame excuse would be something like this:- You brought

disgrace to our family, your are the cause of shame. Humiliation, shame, dishonor can’t be pardoned. Since you did this, you are no longer a part of this family, I disown you, outcast you. But this doesn’t ends here my friend… Also I am the supreme power. So I subject you to the brutal death. NO MERCY!!!



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