Air India Flight With ‘Hole’: Massive Safety Lapse


An Air India plane has been grounded in San Francisco, the United States after a gaping hole was detected in one of its entry door upon arrival.

It was reported that an Air India flight, AI 183, operating a Boeing 777 aircraft, VT-ALH, arrived in San Francisco. During a routine inspection, the issue was discovered.

The flight landed safely with 225 passengers on board. It had departed from New Delhi.

The airline has launched an internal probe into the matter that risked the lives of the passengers. The Delhi-San Francisco route is considered to be one of the longest in the world.

“Boeing B777 aircraft, VT-ALH arrived in San Francisco on AI 183. During walk around inspection on arrival, a small cut/crack on the bottom right corner of the left side to entry door was detected,” Air India spokesperson Dhananjay Kumar said.

The airline is trying to seek assistance from local agencies and may call in men and material from India if ned arises.

“Air India is trying to get help from the local aircraft maintenance repair agencies for the repair, failing which men and material would be sent from India,” Kumar added.

The news agency quoted sources as saying that crew members of the flight will be questioned regarding the “massive safety lapse”.

The Correspondent Bureau with inputs from agencies


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