COVID overtaken by Ukraine, Gyanvapi 

Corona is not over yet, though it has been relegated from the news.

Corona, though not in the news, is not over yet. Experts say the fourth wave is going to peak from June to August this year. The war is not over yet!

The whole world endured the onslaught of the deadly corona virus for over two years. We are currently in the fourth stage of mutation of the virus that has created havoc having wide ranging ramifications besides impacting the healthy wellbeing of the people. But it’s not in the news these days. Ukraine and Gyanvapi issues seem to have killed the virus.

The virus is considered to be carrying varying degree fatality so much so that healthcare professionals tended to the needs of the patients wearing PPE kits ostensibly because of the variants of the virus and its ability to inflict harm to humans.

Though Omicron variant is not fatal but is more intense and at the same time hard to detect. The new variant may have the same symptoms of the corona virus, but may not be fatal as it just impacts the upper tracts of the lungs.

The war is not over yet and we don’t how many more battles we will have to fight till it ends. The fight is still on.

We have seen the worst in first and second wave with very sick patients in ICUs as well as wards. It is difficult to imagine how the hospitals worked day and night taking care of patients who were critically ill but were managed in wards due to scarcity of beds, oxygen as well as drugs. Well, there are reports also that hospitals made a ‘killing’ and squeezing the mullah from the patients, which is nothing short of blackmail.

Nevertheless, the silver lining during the pandemic is that the healthcare fraternity also took the blow on the chin. The doctors, nursing staff rose to the occasion and did everything humanly possible to help each and every patient. Everyone was a soldier in the warzone. 

It was a challenge right from start. While the world was yet to understand the virus and its deadly nature, doctors were attending to the patients. In the scientific world itself there was a host of information available but time available to assimilate and comprehend and implement the learning was not adequate to deliver the best. But some sincere ones also burnt the midnight oil, not only kept abreast with the knowledge and ways to tackle it but was in the forefront to explain it the patients and the media as well.

The hospital staff also faced with a challenged to segregate Covid infected patients and to take care of patient who were not infected with Covid-19 but required indoor care for other ailments.  While some hospitals were shut down due to this inability to tackle two types of patients, some managed.

Anyway, experts say it’s not over yet. Don’t be lax. Most people have got vaccinated but still we must not take it easy. We must continue wearing masks at public places (masks have been mandatory once again in Delhi). People are becoming lax with Covid appropriate behaviour.

PSRI Hospital Senior consultant, Pulmonology, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine Dr Neetu Jain says, “Though vaccination has helped tremendously in mitigating severity of Covid, it is still important to maintain necessary social distancing in public places and usage of masks is still relevant.”

Continue being cautious, follow Covid appropriate behaviour and get vaccinated, if you have not. Those who have suffered from COVID should follow a healthy diet as well as exercise routine and follow-up regularly with their doctors. These are difficult times but we can cope up with proper care and thoughtfulness.


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