Home Breaking News Residents up in arms against hotel in Dhakoli

Residents up in arms against hotel in Dhakoli

Residents up in arms against hotel in Zirakpur

People of Guru Nanak Enclave raising slogans against Hotel running a bar and Municipal Council.

Ankur Aggarwal, Zirakpur:
The case of a hotel owner of Gurunanak Enclave in Dhakoli under Zirakpur forcibly breaking the hotel wall and occupying the street in a non-legal manner with ventilation of the colony residents has come to light. The people of the Gurunanak Enclave of Dhakoli united and raised slogans against the hotel owner and at the same time they demonstrated against the city council officials involved in it. People living in the Gurunanak Enclave said that they have been living in this colony with their family for a long time. On this matter, DK Dubey told that the hotel owner tied up with the officials of the city council and broke the back wall of the hotel to make the beer bar a hangout towards the residential area. The street is also captured by taking out a wall. During the conversation, the people of the colony said that if the owner of the hotel is successful in building a beer bar, then the life of the people of the colony will not be less than hell, along with the people also told that there are small and big children studying in their homes. Those whose future can worsen even before it is formed. The residents of the colony also said that if there is a beer bar here, there will be daily noises here which will have an adverse effect on the education of their children and will also have a wrong effect on the children. It is often heard or seen somewhere that in Zirakpur, the people are being occupied by influential people. Or illegal construction by some rough builder is at zero. After all, who will stop it and when it becomes just a mysterious issue, it seems to be messing with people’s lives.



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