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Interactive Artist Symposium at Pracheen Kala Kendra, Sector 35 from Dec 28 to Dec 30, 2019

TC Bureau Chandigarh: The root of every man in this world which is humanity seems in crisis, there are plenty of concerns highlighted every day but no solution is found but in the process of finding the solution everybody has forgotten its roots which is the ‘humanity’. Humanity’s salvation rested on the restoration of something like ‘purity and joy, ‘ essentially going back to the roots where it all came from where everything began and re-birth can come from. The Pracheen Kala Kendra, Sector 35, Chandigarh, is holding an interactive Artist symposium from 28th December to 30th  December which include artist from different states such as Kanchan Verma (Chandigarh), Pankaj Saroj (Chandigarh), Narinder J.S.Maloya (Chandigarh), Jai Singh (Himachal Pradesh), Veena Karki (Delhi), Sudha Mamgai (Delhi) and Saroj (Delhi), all come together and talk through their visual language.

This group of artists consists of a diversity of fine arts professionals who have gravitated to the gourd as a canvas; the multi-media process differs among members and includes such techniques as watercolor, inks, and stains, carving, sculpting, oils, acrylics and much more, ranging from functional to frivolous. Even, as science has progressed, our minds have been polluted. The human capacity for feeling, sensibility, and emotions comes before everything. To exist is to feel and our feelings are undoubtedly earlier than our intelligence and we have feelings before we have ideas. So keeping political, economical or social issues aside these artists will paint their feelings and emotions and unit everyone as humans. It is open to the public and they can even have interaction with the artist and see their work which is beginning to a change, to re-birth and to going back to roots.



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