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Kashmiri food fest “WAZAAN E ZANNAT” begins at Panchkula

TC Panchkula: The mouthwatering Kashmiri platter will be served to Tricity’s foodies at the Kashmiri Food Festival. The festival will begin at Welcome Hotel Bella Vista Panchkula and will continue till next Sunday. The authentic Kashmiri dishes will be served at hotel’s Welcome Cafe Serenade. Interestingly, Chef Jitendra Singh Rawat who has spent years in the valley mastering the recipes. He has worked for 8 years in ITC and before in KC residency Jammu experienced Chef Jitendra Singh Rawat mastered the art of Kashmiri cuisines while working at Kashmiri cuisine restaurant for eight years had a candid talk with the media persons.

Talking about the Kashmiri food, Chef Rawat said, “The Real Essence of the food lies in the way we prepare, how we prepare and with what we prepare the food. The uniqueness of the Kashmiri food lies in the basic premise that it is prepared on slow but continuous heat, which makes the food preserve its nutrients and the aroma.” Adding to it, he said, “There is no color used in the making of the food but natural coloring agents like Cocks Comb Flower, Saffron and many more like these are used while preparing the food.” Moreover, the natural ingredients like Shallots Stem, Kashmiri Mirch, Shounth and Saunf Powder form the spices mixture for preparing the Kashmiri Food. “Traditional Kashmiri food called Wazwan is a rich feast served by the locals on marriage ceremonies, get together, State and corporate functions.

A traditional Wazwan has 20-40 varieties of non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes.”Kashmiri dishes make a regular use of dry fruits, especially in the preparation of curries. Kashmiris use ghee to cook meals. The cuisine of Kashmir is truly unique and has absolutely no comparison.  Kashmir’s cuisine is unique not just in terms of spices – in particular fennel, asafoetida, cardamom, and Kashmiri red chilies., but also in terms of the constituent elements that form the core of a dish.  Most of these vegetables and grains are local to the Valley and surrounding areas. For instance, it is only in Kashmir that the stem of the lotus flower – abundant in the lakes and other water bodies of Kashmir – is eaten in a variety of preparations. Another Kashmiri specialty is kohlrabi and its leaves, also prepared in multiple ways along with fish, meat, and beans. Rice is the staple grain. Accompanying the food are steaming cups of Kehwa, or Kashmiri tea, flavoured with cardamom, cinnamon, and chock-full of almonds, to warm you up on this winter evening.

He further said that these dishes will mesmerise the dining experience of the foodies as the mouthwatering preparations will last in the taste buds for a long time. Guests are invited to relish the redolence of the flavours and spices with such delicacies Popular Kashmiri Dishes on the offering Nadru Aur Kadam Kebab Mince of lotus root, green kohlrabi leaves and flavorful herbs formed into kebabs Kabargah (Tabak Maaz) Slow cooked spiced lamb ribs.Mutton Yakhani Mutton cooked in aromatic gravy with curd and fennel.Rista Hand pounded mutton formed into balls and cooked in a rogani red gravy Nadroo Yakhani Lotus root cooked in curd gravy Haak Saag Traditional Kashmiri Saag Dum Aloo Kashmiri Baby potatoes cooked in fennel flavored gravy Maah-Da-Madara Black lentil cooked with almonds and curd.Kesar Pulao Traditional Kashmiri pulao with saffron and dry fruits. Badam Ka Halwa Coarsly ground almonds cooked with desi ghee and saffron Kong (Firni) Saffron flavoured rice pudding garnished with pistachio and cashew nuts.



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