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Y The Wait App launched

Y The Wait App launched

Chandan Prabhakar and DIG Chandigarh Police Som Vir Singh were distinguished Guests at Launch , Chandan Prabhakar has been an integral part of Kapil Sharma’s show. His character is quite popular among The Kapil Sharma Show fans. Chandan plays the role of a chaiwalla in the show who’s waiting for Kapil to return his money. Their fun banter is something which viewers enjoy apart from other elements.

Prominent Faces from Punjabi Film Industry like Sunita Dhir , Nishwan Bhullar and  Mandy Takhar  too graced the occasion and we’re all praises for the Y The Wait App

TC Bureau Chandigarh:

Though restaurants have existed for centuries, there hasn’t been many ground breaking ideas or innovations that could change the industry: The “ Walk In, wait, order from the server, wait, eat, wait for the bill, pay, and leave “process as old as time. But the Dutch Startup Y the Wait is looking to change that with its disruptive Technology Catered to forward-Thinking restaurants and diners. Available on app stores everywhere, the company’s app facilitates a never-before-seen self – Serve dining experience/Digital waiter.

YtheWait app is loaded with rich features that help customers order food in a flash and aid restaurants in serving their customers as quickly and smoothly as possible. Using the app, customers would no longer need to wait in long queues to wait for a table at their preferred restaurant. Instead, YtheWait allows customers to schedule their tables, order their food to be served to them at their table in a restaurant- all online. The best part? No one has to engage in any unwanted small talk, worry about flagging down servers, or wait for ages to attract a waiter’s attention.

On the supply side, YtheWait helps restaurants by managing table reservations, operations, staff, records, and everything else that a successful restaurant deals with on a day-to-day basis. One app handles everything from order management to staff management at a restaurant, facilitating increased productivity and a new level of control over operations.

‘’it’s a whole new concept that would change the entire customer experience’’, says the company’s founder, Simranjit Singh Grewal. ‘’For over years we have been putting our creativity to work, and now it’s time to disrupt the restaurant industry.’’

Customers and restaurants- both who can join completely for free – will benefit from this new self-serving dining experience, says Singh Grewal. The idea for YtheWait, which came from the mind of Singh Grewal, has been supported by Canada’s Acer investment group and is gaining traction among restaurants worldwide.



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