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Healthy foods

By Dipti The best way to stay healthy and lead a healthy life is to eat proper and nutritious food. Organic farming is an integrated farming system that strives for sustainability, the enhancement of soil fertility, biological diversity whilst, with rare exceptions prohibiting synthetic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers , genetically modified organisms and growth hormones.  Pesticides […]


Obesity alone does not up death risk: Study

Patients who have metabolically healthy obesity but are free from other metabolic risk factors do not have an increased rate of mortality, a new...

An Orange a Day May Prevent Age-Related Vision Loss

If you want to prevent losing your vision as you age and keep your eyes healthy, eat oranges daily, says a study led by...

Brain Anatomy Different Even Among Identical Twins: Study

Due to a combination of genetic factors and individual life experiences, no two people, including twins, share the same brain anatomy, finds a study...

10 New Cancer Risk Genes Identified

Using publicly available data, researchers have identified 10 new genes that are predisposed to ovarian and breast cancer among others, an advance that would...
Tablet Games

Tablet Games May Offer Speech Therapy to Children

If your child is unable to communicate effectively, then engaging him or her to tablet-based games is likely to act as a speech therapy...

Teens Drinking Regularly Face Worse Alcohol Problems Than Adults

Teens aged under 17 who drink alcohol weekly are three times more likely to binge drink and be dependent on alcohol as adults compared...

Multivitamins May not Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases

New York- If you are taking multivitamin and mineral supplements to protect your heart's health, think again. A new analysis of 18 studies has found...

Solid Foods May Help Infants Sleep Longer

  London- Infants introduced to solid foods early may have lesser sleep problems as compared to those who are breastfed, a new study has found. The researchers...

Odisha to Spend Rs 1,000 Crore on Cancer Care Programme

Bhubaneswar- A roadmap for the implementation of Odisha Comprehensive Cancer Care Programme has been worked out with an outlay of Rs 1,000 crore, an official...

Imprisonment of parents may impact their child’s behaviour

New York- Young adults who had a parent imprisoned during their childhood are more likely to skip needed healthcare, smoke cigarettes, engage in risky sexual...

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