98 % survival chance if a heart attack is treated within the golden hour: Dr RK Jaswal

TC Chandigarh:

Dr R K Jaswal, DM Cardiology, Director Cardiology, Fortis Hospital Mohali today said that there are chances of 98 percent survival if a heart attack is patient is treated within the first two hours after the onset of a heart attack, which he termed as the ‘Golden Hour’. He had organised a patient and public awareness programme for social cause to educate the masses about how to survive a heart attack and lead a high-quality life thereafter. Over 400 patients attended the awareness session of his post-operated patients from across the region at Hotel Taj, Sector 17 here on Sunday.

Dr Jaswal said that heart attack is the number one killer in our country. Every third death in our country is caused by cardiovascular diseases. Majority of deaths and heart muscle damage occurs during the first two hours after the onset of heart attack (Golden Hour). “Unfortunately many patients have either silent heart attack or have minimal symptoms, which are normally ignored. Even celebrities of late in our country have died due to heart attack as they could not recognise the symptoms”, he said.

Dr Jaswal further said, “Majority of the patients who come to the us are already too late and majority of their heart muscle is already damaged by the time they come to us. In today’s time if a patient is able to figure out his symptoms and reaches us within the Golden Hour, we have advanced technology like F.F.R, imaging techniques like O.C.T and rotablation to counter the heart attack and offer almost 98 percent survival.”
Dr Jaswal also gave tips about healthy lifestyle modification and the medicines to be taken to prevent any recurrences in future and to lead a high quality life. Majority of his patients and public opinion makers of the society who attended the programme pledged that they would further spread the awareness in the society so that more and more lives could be saved.
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