Programme Launched to Educate 10,000 on Mental Health

Mental Health

Bengaluru: A movement aimed to spread awareness on mental health among 10,000 people has been launched here by a non-profit organisation.

The White Swan Foundation, with its mission to deliver knowledge services for mental health and wellbeing, has announced the launch of “Mission 10K” programme.

“Mission 10K aims to reach out to 10,000 people in Bengaluru and engage them in conversations on mental health,” Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer Manoj Chandran said.

The Foundation will train 200 volunteers, who as mental health champions, will reach out to 50 people each to have these conversations through October and November.

“Of all the challenges that surround the mental healthcare space, the most fundamental is the lack of access to right knowledge among people. Without the right knowledge, people’s decision on mental health is often ill informed,” Chandran said.

“We cannot address the challenges of the mental healthcare space without the involvement of the people…,” he added.


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