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Chhattisgarh CM Dr Raman Singh with Railways Minister Piyush Goyal

Chhattisgarh gets 3 new trains

Kirandul-Vishakhapatnam train to run daily, fares to reduce New Delhi – The Indian Railways is providing three new trains to Chhattisgarh. Railways Minister Piyush Goyal decided to allot three new trains to Chhattisgarh at an important meeting with the Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh. The three new trains are: Chhattisgarh Antyodaya Express from Raipur to […]

Kiran Bedi for exposing fraud businessmen

‘Businessmen should NEVER EVER be allowed to take the banking system for a ride’ Puducherry Lt Governor Dr Kiran Bedi, an anti-corruption crusader, has been a vocal propagator of dealing with fraudsters who take the system for a ride. Considering banking sector as the backbone of the economy, Dr Bedi feels that banking is all about […]

Nayagaon: PGI employee’s wife, daughter among four positive in Mohali

EXCLUSIVE REPORT TC Bureau Chandigarh: An infant and a senior citizen were among four new coronavirus cases in Mohali,...

Lockdown is impacting the people in more ways than one

Virus generates gloom, distrust M K Tayal A lot of water has flown down the...
PM Modi

Restrictions to ease from April 20

Lockdown till May 3 but from April 20 onwards to lift it in phases Even as he made this...

Stress chops of the arm of law in Punjab

TC Bureau Chandigarh/Patiala: Sword-wielding youth, on a drive, landed on the wrong side of law by attacking Patiala cops on Lockdown duties.  Out for a...
PM Modi

From darkness to light, the Indian style!

M K Tayal The world has been hit by ferocity and speed of the attack of a COVID 19 (corona...

Coronavirus: No curfew relaxation in Punjab; essentials to be delivered at doorstep

TC Bureau Chandigarh: Instead of allowing relaxation for limited periods at district level during the current curfew in Punjab, the state government...

GAIL organises Industry Meet on Digital Transformation to share knowledge and experience of peer...

TC Bureau New Delhi: In order to share knowledge and experience about cutting edge digital technologies among India’s...
The Correspondent Dec 2019

Pramendra Srivastava – From science to spirituality

Pramendra's new book, ‘THE LOGIC OF SRIMAD BHAGWAD GITA’ (Interpreting Gita in a new light, with logic and science) talks...

Discovering common roots of Christianity, Islam in Sanatan Dharma

Interpreting Gita in a new light, with logic and science ‘THE LOGIC OF SRIMAD BHAGWAD GITA’ by Pramendra Srivastava
delhi traffic-Odd-that’s-not-Even

Odd that’s not Even

Delhi has several problems that they (the politicians and the babus) have no idea how to solve. Period.  These problems are unique to the...

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