Periods are awful! And I think I don’t have to remind you of the ickiness of the whole situation. The emotional rollercoaster it brings and of course the gut-wrenching pain. And if you haven’t got your first period yet, get ready for terror!

On a serious note, either you are a certified menstruater or just had your first period, there are tons of questions you are probably too shy to ask your friend, mother or even your gyne.

So hopefully I have got all the answers you are seeking, but before that, I would say you should consult your gyne, it’s their job to help you in these matters.


Why Do all women menstruate anyway?

If you had missed out your class 6 biology class, here is a crash course to this topic 

Each month the uterus prepares a thick and luxurious lining in preparation for the arrival of a fertilised egg – an embryo that will develop into a fetus and after nine months, a full-term baby. If no embryo arrives, there will be no pregnancy and menstruation sheds the thickened lining. So menstruation is our bodies way of telling: Hey Girl you are not pregnant!

Should I worry if my periods are not regular?

All women are different! and their periods too. One month the period might come earlier next month it’s late and this is not the same for every menstruating women. The same goes for the bleeding days, Normally periods can last long for 7-8 days but if they cross this line then you should consult a doctor!

Am I having my period or it’s just Spotting?

Spotting is any light vaginal bleeding which occurs at any time other than when a period is due. Spotting between periods is reasonably common. There can be a few reasons why it happens but the most common is hormonal change. So, worry not this is just like a trailer before the picture;)

But, if the discharge has an unusual colour, odour or consistency you need to visit a doctor  

What if I miss a period?

The horror of missing your period is probably the most terrifying thing for a girl but hold on it’s not always menopause or pregnancy that stops you from bleeding.

You might miss your periods when you are sick, on a medication, stressed or have overly exercised, It could also be because of any hormonal problem, being overweight or underweight or any other medical condition. But If you have not got your periods for more than two months and you are sure about not being pregnant, then you should consult a doctor!

Is it ok to bleed after the periods are over?

No, It’s not normal except if you are on medicine or have taken any birth control pill. Irregular bleeding is also a sign of hormonal imbalance.

In any case, irregular bleeding is a good reason to see your doctor. Don’t search for an explanation here head towards a doctor now! 


How often should I change my tampons/sanitary pads?

Well, this is a question even our Biology textbook didn’t give an answer.

Doctors recommend changing your tampon/sanitary pad after every four to eight hours(Depending on your flow) otherwise you risk getting an infection. Maintaining healthy hygiene habits while menstruating can definitely save you from any infection that might affect your health in the future.  


Well, Every woman’s menstrual cycle comes with its own set of issues, and over the years, one learns to make it less agonizing. It’s not at all wrong to consult a gyne as menstruation plays a vital role in a woman’s life and that is why it is important to monitor your periods.









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