PM Modi: Need A ‘Chowkidar,’ Not A ‘Raja’

Attacking the Congress and its “dynasty” leadership, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the country needs a “chowkidar” like him, not a “raja” or “Maharaja”.

Aiming to repeat the magic of his popular ‘chai pe charcha/chaiwala’ campaign of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections with the “Main Bhi Chowkidar” drive, PM Modi termed the phrase ‘chowkidar’ a spirit, which “some people with mental restrictions — who believe ‘chowkidar’ wears a ‘topi’ and carries a stick — will never understand.”

“This is the limitation of their thinking,” he said, in an indirect attack against Congress and its chief Rahul Gandhi. The PM said,  “Everyone who works for the country is a ‘chowkidar’. If this feeling becomes entrenched in every citizen of the country, no one will be able to loot the country. I am sure the country needs a ‘chowkidar’ not a ‘raja’, ‘maharaja’ which is why the number of ‘chowkidars’ is increasing and gaining strength.”

Cautioning against the Congress’ “seasonal lies” and “false promises”, he said, “People should be careful of the promises being made by “political parties which know they were not coming to power”. “Many parties know they are not coming to power, so they are making false promises to people, just look at their track record and you will know,” he said, assuring to fulfill people’s dreams and aspirations in the coming five years. “My first five years were spent in fulfilling the basic requirements, the next five years will be spent in addressing dreams and aspirations of the country,” he said.

He also said there have been only two instances when India had PMs who did not come from the “Congress gotra”. Beginning with first Prime Minister (Jawaharlal Nehru), his daughter (Indira Gandhi), her son (Rajiv Gandhi) and his “widow” Sonia Gandhi, who “remote controlled” the government, he alleged that Congress’ leaders kept personal interests above national interests.

The PM’s event was beamed across the country at 500 places where gatherings of BJP workers, professionals, chowkidars (Watchmen), traders, farmers among others listened to Modi and interacted with him through video-conferencing.

with inputs from news agencies.


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