Hong Kong: Humanity Still Exists

An estimated two million people were on a day-long protest march in Hong Kong.

Two million people occupied the roads all night.

Ennie Chan, one of the protestors said that he saw “young people holding different bags to take trash away last night. There were a lot of people clearing rubbish.”

Videos which have gone viral on social media also showed disciplined crowds letting ambulances pass through and looking after children and elderly people.

“Hong Kong protesters let an ambulance go through the massive protest,” which reflected that Humanity still exists.

The video clip of people letting Ambulance move in the massive protest has been viewed over four million times, shows an ambulance passing through a sea of people as the crowd parts way for the medical emergency.

“When ambulances came, people at the front would signal with their hands to people at the back to move back,” Chan said.

There were obvious comparisons to how a similar protest might have turned out in India, Pakistan or other countries.

Many Twitter users wrote to imagine if something happens like this in India or Pakistan.

The protesters, who cleared out of Hong Kong’s streets, are demanding that Chief Executive Carrie Lam resign and abandon a bill that would allow extradition from Hong Kong to mainland China.

Lam, who offered an apology, said she had heard the protestors “loud and clear” and “reflected deeply on what has transpired.”

The Correspondent bureau with input from agencies


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