Magnitude six Earthquake Hit in Southern China

A strong Earthquake hit Sichuan province in southern China killed 11 people and injured 122, the local government said.

The magnitude 6.0 earthquake collapsed a hotel in Changning county and damaged some roads, Xinhua said. Heavy rains are still falling.

The Ministry of Emergency Management sent firefighting crews and other rescue personnel. The Ministry and the National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration have dispatched 5,000 tents, 10,000 folding beds and 20,000 quilts to the quake-hit areas.

China’s worst earthquake in recent years struck the mountainous western portion of Sichuan province in 2008, killing nearly 90,000 people. That earthquake was about 400 kilometers from June 17 quake.

A 1976 earthquake centered in the northeastern city of Tangshan killed at least 250,000 people.

The Correspondent bureau with input from agencies


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