MJ Akbar on CNN Reporter’s Sexual Harassment Claim

MJ Akbar

Amid serious allegations of sexual harassment that have been levelled against MoS External Affairs MJ Akbar, another woman has accused him of sexual assault, claiming that he “forced his tongue” into her mouth, according to report.

The incident occurred when the US based-CNN reporter Majlie de Puy Kamp was interning for Akbar’s paper, The Asian Age. As per the report, when Kamp went to Akbar on her last day of the internship to thank him for giving her the opportunity, the latter grabbed her and kissed her. 

At the time, Kamp was 18-years-old while Akbar was 55. “He got up and walked around his desk to where I was sitting, so I also got up and I extended my hand. He grabbed me right under my shoulders, on my arms, and pulled me in and kissed me on my mouth and forced his tongue into my mouth, and I just stood there,” she said.

“I extended my hand to him in gratitude, he shoved his 55-yr-old tongue down my 18-yr-old throat,” Kamp tweeted. 

As per the report, there was also a reply from Akbar who asked for apologies “if there was anything inappropriate” since some issues were “so prone to misunderstanding”. Akbar, who is expected to return to India from his official tour to Nigeria, hasn’t made a comment in his defence.

Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj, has also refrained from commenting. Meanwhile, Union Minister Smriti Irani said that the “gentleman concerned would be better positioned to speak on this issue”. 

Multiple women have accused Akbar after the ‘Me Too’ movement gained momentum in India. Several politicians have even demanded Akbar’s resignation and asked PM Modi to comment on the same. However, there has been no official comment on his misconduct. 

The Correspondent Bureau with inputs from agencies


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