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Every girl expects a proposal from the guy of her dreams. Some guys can’t express their love to their partner.  Every girl’s dream is to be asked a question of the proposal; But How? Here are some tips which can help you in making your proposal the best memory:

Be yourself

The first thing to keep in mind while proposing a girl is, do not overdo your proposal. Make it special but keep it simple and sweet. Be yourself yet creative. It’s every girl’s dream of getting a special proposal from the guy.  Say those golden words in your special way.

Candle light Dinner

This is classic yet the best way to propose a girl. Candles are one of the quintessential elements of a romantic evening. The dim lights of the candles, burning flames, and the romantic tunes set one of the perfect settings for a romantic proposal. Candlelight dinner is one of the most romantic proposals which a girl has ever dreamt of and will be a memorable one. The glowing of the candles sets a mood for a night full of romance and is one of the most perfect scenes to propose. It will set the mood for love and romance.

Place Where You Met First Time

Take her to the same place where you first met. Recreating the same moment will bring the memories back and propose her. It will definitely move her and get embossed on her memory for a lifetime. It’s one of the romantic best ways to propose a girl.

Special Day

What can be better than proposing on a special day like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Eid, Diwali? Many of the guys propose on Valentine’s Day because it is filled with romance. Pick a day that has special meaning to you both, such as a birthday, anniversary of your friendship or the day when you went for your first date and etc. A proposal isn’t something to take lightly.

Propose During a Movie Break

Romantic and easy way to propose your girl. This way of proposing is tried and tested and it works, really. Edit and compile a short lovely movie which pops up the special question and screen it during the interval. It should be fun to see her reaction.

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