WhatsApp New Feature: Controlling Group Invitations

WhatsApp is testing a new feature where users will be able to control who adds them to a Group chat. The feature is being tested on the iOS version of WhatsApp. The messaging app had recently started a public beta program for its iOS app, and those users who have registered will be able to test out upcoming features. The feature for controlling Group invitations will likely be added to both  Android and iOS.

The feature will be available for everyone for any iOS beta user that joined the Test Flight beta program in the next iOS updates, in the future. Currently the feature is in testing phase.

The Group Invitation feature will ensure that no one can randomly add you to a group without your permission, and will be better for privacy. The new feature is available under WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy > Groups.

A user will have the option of limiting their privacy settings for Group invitation to three options: Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody. The first one on the list, which is Everyone would allow anyone on the messaging platform to add a user to groups, even if their number is not saved in the contacts.

The My Contacts option will limit Group invites to just contacts in the list of the user. Nobody will ensure that no one can add the user to a group. The user will get a request every time someone wants to add them to a group.

It also appears that when the admin of a group cannot add the user to a Group chat, a new chat will be created where the user will be able to choose if they want to join the group, with two buttons of Accept or Decline.

The invitation will expire in 72 hours. A user cannot receive two invitations from the same group at the same time, says the report. However, group invite links will still work to add someone to a Group chat.

with inputs from news agencies.


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