World’s Most Expensive Basketball Shoes

Basketball is more than just a sport right now. It has grown into a huge industry in these last years, featuring some of the world’s highest-paid athletes, with massive endorsement deals, promotions and so on.

And shoe companies love basketball, even more, signing huge deals with some of the biggest stars in the NBA, to headline and even to design their new lines of shoes.

Air Jordan XI – $2,700 These were Michael Jordan’s signature shoes from 1995, worn in the film Space Jam and in that year’s NBA Championship. They are considered extremely comfortable.

Adidas Golden KB8 – $3,000
Unveiled in 1995, these shoes were created for the 1998 Slam Dunk Contest and Kobe Bryant, with 8 being the number on his shirt back then. When Kobe left Adidas in 2002 they were renamed to Crazy 8. Kobe only wore them as a production test that in the end was abandoned and there were only two pairs ever made, one with black, white and blue and the other with black, white and yellow tones. When they were sold at an auction they reached the price of $3,000, enough for the 8th spot on the world’s most expensive basketball shoe list.

Air Jordan V – $10,000
Michael Jordan’s signature line of the shoe the Air Jordan V. The pair were worn by Jordan has a rare black and silver metal design with 23 at the back. It was a model that was never sold in stores and it can be found at shoe-collectors only.

Nike Air Mag – $12,000
These futuristic-looking shoes were created as a replica of the shoes featured in Back to the Future Part II. They became extremely popular after Michael J. Fox was spotted wearing these shoes and Nike made 20 pairs of these beauties, each of them being sold for $12,000. The first rechargeable pair of footwear by Nike.

Air Jordan I – $25,000
The first Jordan shoes, Air Jordan I, was released back in 1985 in a very, very limited run of just 12 pairs. Each pair has been personally signed by Michael Jordan with a water-resistant marker, while the stunning black and red design matched the uniform of the Chicago Bulls back then. The original signed release is now worth around $25,000.

Nike Air Zoom Kobe I – $30,000
As we’ve said earlier, Kobe Bryant left Adidas back in 2002 and moved to Nike a year later to create his own, signature shoes. Kobe in 2005 unveiled the sporty Air Zoom Kobe I. During that NBA season, he managed to score 81 points in an unforgettable game against the Toronto Raptors. These performances made the shoes extremely sought after and the fact that only 25 pairs were made priced them at an estimated $30,000 with 10% of the sum being donated by Nike to charity.

Air Jordan VI – $35,000
The Air Jordan VI is widely considered the most comfortable joggers ever made. They are also the last Jordans to come with the Nike Air logo. These were the shoes worn by Jordan back in 1991 when the Bulls won their first championship by defeating the Lakers. They come in five different color combinations: black infrared, white infrared, white/carmine black, white/sport blue and off white/maroon. The white/carmine black was the combination that was also used during the 1992 Olympics and that’s the most expensive version today, priced at an estimated $35,000.

Reebok Question – $65,000
The most expensive basketball shoes in the world are also the most luxurious joggers. Featuring a design by Allen Iverson, the Reebok Question came out with 246 studded diamonds, a leather upper, suede overlays, comfortable Hexalite cushioning and a translucent outsole. Even though these shoes were first introduced 19 years ago, they are still extremely popular right now, coming out in new colors and special designer versions every single year. The extravagant Reebok Question designed by Allen Iverson went on to sell for a staggering $65,000 at an auction.

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