It seems no plan or strategy to exit lockdown: Chahal

Rana Baljit Singh Chahal: Prime Minister Narendra Modi should tell when he is going to left the lockdown. The government it seems has no plan or strategy to deal with the pandemic situation.
Should not the PM have a national plan. What has the government done in one month that they could not even come out with a strategy to deal with the situation. Everyday we hear that the PM is working from 5 to late night. I would like to ask the PM does he work on.
This lack of exit strategy is hurting the country. The people have not only a right to know but it is important to keep the people engaged positively. The PM should keep in mind that crores of people are suffering. We must open public transport with proper social distancing norms. Why did the center refuse the demand of Punjab CM Capt Amrinder Singh for opening liquor vends. The state is losing revenue also said Rana Baljit Singh Chahal, Spokesperson, Punjab Congress.
We would like the PM to clarify?.
Congress spokesperson raise issues of migrant workers must be addressed as the first priority and lockdown beyond May 3 should only be continued in Covid-19 hotspots and not in green zones.Speaking with press he said that the lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus was a mere pause button.
Issue of migrant workers needs to be addressed as a first priority. Lockdown is a mere pause button,he said.
Further he said that the further extension of the lockdown post May 3 should only be continued in Covid-19 hotspot zones. “ As a nation we need to think of a transition from a lockdown to lockdown only in desease hot zones and commencement of activities in the green zones.


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