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PARICHAY’S COVID-19 distribution drive

TC Bureau: COVID 19 pandemic has taken the world by storm touching the life of every individual. In view of this crucial fight against the deadly virus, last few weeks have been very challenging for our nation and the world.
Till date, the world has no clear solution to fight this invisible enemy. As a result, lockdown is being implemented everywhere which has severely impacted the global economy. India has so far been successful in managing the pandemic by strict enforcement of lockdown. However, the situation is still very precarious. Due to the lockdown and the consequent cessation of all economic activities, a lot of our fellow citizens are struggling to feed their family even once a day.

The current ground situation, especially for the migrant labourers, daily wage earners and under privileged families, is horrid to say the least. It is disheartening to see the pain of these families who are struggling hard to make their ends meet during these challenging times. This is a difficult time for human race and maintaining hygiene and social distance is the only remedy we have right now. But that does not mean we distance ourselves from the pains, misery and the problems of people worst hit during this global pandemic.

In view of these circumstances, Parichay Foundation in collaboration with RuchiFoodline and Karma Foundation, took on the mission to help the most vulnerable communities.’Parichay Foundation’ is a philanthropic organization engaged in bringing about economic and social upliftment for underprivileged in urban and rural slums of Odisha and Delhi and in promoting Indian art and culture. Dr Rosalin Patasani Mishra, Founder – Parichay Foundation has been working relentlessly to make a difference in the life of people through her selfless service. Karma’ believes in the power of actions to make an impact in the society. Their vision is to build an inclusive and participatory society wherein every individual lives a life of dignity as an empowered and self reliant entity. Dhwani Jain, Founder – Karma believes that each one of us has the ability to make a change and must do so to create a better world.

In the first 2 phases of lockdown they resolved to provide food items to the families in distress in Odisha, Ghaziabad-UP and Delhi. Together they could provide:

  • Dry ration in the slum areas of Bhubaneswar (Saliasahi Slum, Baliapata Slum, HarijanBasti, Beherasahi, Kimbhiria Slum NuaArbinda Nagar(NuaJagannathSadak, Bhubaneswar), BhoiSahi, Khandagiri Slum, Hitech Slum, Naharkanta Village, JaliasahiKha-Shikharchandi, Suanlo-Puri, Begunia .)
  • Essential items to the migrant labourers in Patia.
  • Essential items to the artisans and craftsmen at Chandanpur, Raghurajpur, Puri.
  • Dry ration to the weavers in Maniabandha, Nuapatna, Athagarh.
  • Financial support to the private guides of NandanKanan Zoo and essential items to the guides who don’t have BPL cards.
  • Cooked meals and dry ration to daily wage earners and construction labour in Ghaziabad
  • Dry ration and sanitary products in the sealed areas of Delhi
    Dr. Rosalin Patasani Mishra, Founder – Parichay Foundation, was moved to see the situation of the pregnant ladies
    [Sumi Hemram-age 23 years (6 months pregnant), Pooja Nayak- 30 years (8 months pregnant), Jatri Hansda- 22 years (6 months pregnant), Sumani Higuru-27 years (5 months pregnant), Lucky Purti-24 years (4 months pregnant), Rami Pingua-21 years (3 months pregnant)] and has taken on the responsibility to support them in future too.
    The situation of the children of Hitech Basti, Pandara Chowk was equally miserable and they were severely malnourished. They have been provided nutritious food including sattu, daliya (porridge), milk, chudwa etc. and Parichay Foundation has also resolved to take care of the education of these children.
    Parichay Foundation, RuchiFoodline and Karma Foundation have been working relentlessly during these challenging times and have touched the lives of more than 1800 families till lockdown-3.0.Ms. RashmiSahoo, Director – RuchiFoodlines thinks that with the partial lifting of lockdown and the return of migrant labourers to their native states, all of us need to be more vigilant and cautious.
    She is keen to guide and support the farmers who are the life lines of our nation and aims to promote agri business which shall augment the income of our farmers. The next few months are definitely going to be extremely challenging and unpredictable. And therefore it is the duty of every citizen to act in a responsible manner.
    We are aware how our healthcare professionals, cleaning staff, media persons, essential service providers and the government is working to fulfill their duties and keep all of us safe. We must be grateful to these corona warriors and at the same time realise our own responsibility to fight this global menace.
    Ms. Dhwani Jain, Founder – Karma, says that we need to focus our attention on fighting this global pandemic, ensuring the supply of essential items including food and medicines to the most deprived segments while following all the guidelines laid down by the government as well as work towards economic revival of the nation to boost the economy amidst maintaining social distance.

Therefore , in view of the present circumstances, Parichay Foundation and Karma decided to support the weavers in Maniabandha, Nuapatna, Athagarh, Odisha to manufacture cloth masks.
This unique initiative will help to

  • spur the economic activity in villages
  • promote hand woven fabric
  • meet the growing demand for masks
  • provide self employment opportunity at the local level
    This is definitely a testing time for all of us. But we must not get disappointed nor shall we lose hope. The actions of such organisations is praiseworthy and every person must come forward to provide a helping hand to such philanthropic organisations.
    The true character of an individual is revealed only in tough situations. And every challenge makes us a stronger and a better person.
    So let us take this challenge as an opportunity to show our resilience and strength.
    We are confident that together we shall overcome and win over this invisible enemy.
    We would like to extend our thanks to all the donors for crowdfunding and many thanks to ManashiSatpathy MD of Aveksha Foundation, for unconditional support in the fieldwork and to all the volunteers.



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