Salute to all the mothers on mothers day

Dilpreet Chahal: Salute to all the mothers on  mothersday .This mothers day is different  many mothers are facing more challenges but they are also showing us a way forward by a new kind of strength .where they are doing office work from homes they are also taking care of their kids while cooperating with their own fears .many of expecting mothers in this world are preparing to bring out life in this world .A world where everyone is afraid of going out , afraid of being infected. 116 milion babies will be welcomed into this world of lockdown and curfew in the nine months.In india 20.1 million , In Pakistan 5 million , In China 13.5 million and in usa 3.3 million babies would be welcomed in this world between march 11 and December 2020……

UNICEF is asking governments to take care of all the hospitals and ensure that every expecting mother should not be feared of giving birth to kids in hospitals as well as that newborns get the support and care that they need in coming months..This starts with providing health care workers with the personal protective equipment , priority testing , training and supplies … As well as let’s come together and fight this pandemic.


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