Talent Hunt organized by Sai Shradha Saburi

TC Bureau: Sai Shradha Saburi has been actively organising various Talent Hunt competitions over the period of year. We have been organising talent hunts for normal as well as Special children at various locations across India including Delhi Mumbai and even Shirdi and more than hundreds of participants have been a part of it .We got 250 entries from,Delhi,Chennai, Telangna, Shimla, Atlanta, USA etc. Due to lockdown situation we thought of organising digital art competition where the entries will be sent by the participants online and after selection by the honorary judges, the winners will also be announced on our social media accounts.

We were really delighted by the participation and the love with which devotees participated in our digital competition. We had entries from all around India and people sent their paintings dancing videos and songs. The theme for the same was ‘GO CORONA GO’, religion, India and the winners of the competitions for first round were- Darshan Gohil, Mallam Shri Sokhya, Palak Chopra, Tanishq nadan, Senior Drawing Comp, Bobby Soni, Nona, Lakshmisha.

Winner of dancing competition: Avni and Dishna, Medha, Pavithra
Singing competition: Pramela, Shivanshi Trivedi, Subhashri
Winners of second round were- Painting junior: Diya Martin, Vir Chadha, Ashwin, Nandni
Senior painting: Ritu Kalra, Palak Chopra, Nandlal Ahi, M Ponraj
Singing: Dr. Kanchan, Anisha
We want to extend our heartiest congratulations to all the winners, there work has also been shared on our websites, instagram and FB accounts. Wish all of you all the best and we have got a few glimpse of the work done by our contest winners for readers also. We look forward to your participation in future and enthusiastic response as always.


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