TC Bureau: As the whole world is fighting against COVID- 19, DICCI, Windsor Shelters and Harsh Baheti with his friends and family have been working hard for the past 50 days, to provide 3 meals a day for more than 650 people per meal. Along with this the young warriors have also worked very hard to put together approximately 16,500 ration kits.

All of these young warriors were born with a silver spoon, and none of them were used to doing any kind of manual work at home, but all of them were motivated to work hard and put in all their efforts for the past 50 days. Tanishq Baheti, Ameya Gandhi, Rahee Chaudhari, Parv Patel and Anuj Bhalgat would start their day at 5:30 am , by packing breakfast for more than 600 people, along with this they would pack an extra 100 packets for the police who work at the checkpoints nearby and for the people cleaning the city.

After this at 10:30am the second team which consisted of Harsh Baheti, Sanskruti Patel, Abhishek Gandhi, Vedant Karwa and Ashwin Rathi would meet to pack lunch and made it possible to deliver them on time. This was a more tedious process because they would have to pack the vegetable and roti separately, and then combine them in one container, after which the containers would be sealed and ready to be delivered, and all of this was done in the blazing heat.

Some of the young warriors namely Shikha Rathi, Ruchi Gandhi, Prasad Ghadge Harsh Baheti and Ameya Gandhi would come to the kitchen at 5:30 pm to pack dinner for those living in shelters away from their home and family. Packing dinner was faster as they only had to pack and seal masala rice/pulav packets. On some days the all the warriors would gather at the kitchen and wait till 10pm or longer to pack ration kits which would include; 2kg of rice, 2kg atta, ½ kg toor dal, ½ kg salt, ½ ltr oil, 100gms turmeric, 100gms red chilli powder, 2kgs of onions and potatoes each.

Even after such a tiring day, they would go back home and complete their assignments or pending college work, so that they could come back to the kitchen and work the next day. On some days, the students were so dedicated that they would excuse themselves from the packing task, give online exams and resume working once it was over. They have said that “This was a life changing experience for all of us. We have learnt team work in true sense, and have realised what real hard work is and how tough life is for the unprivileged people in comparison to us”. 


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