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Containing China is vital for Bharat to take a UNSC seat

Containing China is vital for Bharat to take a UNSC seat 

M K Tayal 

Before the curtains of the highly successful G20 Summit could be drawn, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for the expansion of the United Nations Security Council and other world bodies. 

After the NAM in 1983, G20 was the biggest show in New Delhi, which went perfect to the T. The meet was a defining moment in history and the discussions are certain to have a profound impact on “One Earth, One Family, One Future” and the ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. 

Addressing global challenges, the leaders were in tandem on the challenges the world faces today. The G20 New Delhi Leaders Declaration agreed to set up a Global Biofuels Alliance, promote Lifestyle for Sustainable Development (LiFE) and Travel for LiFE, and pursue low carbon emission and climate-resilient, environmentally-sustainable development goals and collaborate in finance, food and malnutrition, and health and education etc. The nations also agreed to share knowledge on nuclear energy.

With an economic corridor from Bharat via Saudi Arabia and Jordan to Europe, and the inclusion of African Union, the other 30-odd page declaration of ‘G21’ was fairly scalable except for the contentious issue of Ukraine over which NATO and Russia are at loggerheads. 

Modi and team tide over a difficult patch and got the Russians and the Americans on board to agree on ‘war in Ukraine’ phrase in the G20 New Delhi Leaders Declaration.

In the gush of things, however Modi enthusiastically proposed to expand the base of United Nations Security Council. Prima facie, this looks unattainable given the strong position, expansionist and aggressive China has taken.

The G20 effectively works on the same principles as the UN, following similar goals without opposition from China cause the framework exists in mutually amiable environment. In the UN, China opposes Bharat’s permanent entry into the Security Council while the other four members, USA, UK Russia and France have expressed their support for the expansion of the Security Council. 

China aspires to become the world superpower and replace the USA with its bustling ever-growing economy. It envisages no opposition from two NATO straight partners, France and UK. Given the war in Ukraine, Moscow needs Beijing more than it does any other capital because of its military and economic might.

And ‘Vishwa Guru Bharat’, wannabee world leader, is emerging as the formidable challenger. China would rather want a smooth run and a strong New Delhi is the misfit competitor. Blocking Bharat entry into the Security Council is simple and easy with the Veto power it enjoys in the UN. Unless Modi has strategies in place to squeeze China, Bharat is not entering the coveted Security Council anytime soon.


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