‘Dead’ Woman Found Alive in Morgue in Punjab


In an unusual incident, a 65-year-old woman who was declared dead by doctors at a private hospital and placed in a morgue was actually found alive in Kapurthala district of Punjab.

The matter came to light when the relatives of the ‘deceased’ woman went to the morgue to check on a gold chain she was wearing. When the family members of the woman opened the morgue refrigerator, they found her breathing.

There was a complete panic when the family members found the elderly woman alive. A doctor was called immediately to check on her and he made her drink water.

The doctor removed the blindfold from the woman’s eyes and sprinkle some water on her face. The woman then opened her eyes. Later, the woman was handed over to the family after completing the formalities.

The family then took the woman home, but when her health starts to deteriorate again she was shifted to Kapurthala civil hospital.

The woman breathed her last on May 15th. Meanwhile, Kala Sanghian police post-in-charge, Thakar Singh, said he hasn’t received any complaint in this regard.

DSP (Subdivision) Harjinder Singh Gill has maintained that he has no information about the matter. However, the matter has become a talking point in the city.

The Correspondent Bureau with inputs from agencies


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