Hoteliers awarded by Commissioner of Chandigarh MC K.K.Yadav


TC Panchkula: Tricity Business Meet and Hospitality Flagship Award 2019 was organized at Hotel Bela vista, Panchkula. The event was organized by Chandigarh Trade Association, Industrial Association Panchkula and Chandigarh Transport Association in collaboration with India Dinbhar . Commissioner KK Yadav of Chandigarh Municipal Corporation was the chief guest at the ceremony. He said that the hospitality sector of Chandigarh is advancing rapidly. There has been a lot of growth in the hospitality sector of Chandigarh in the last five years. Crawfed chairman Hitesh Puri, Industry association Panchkula President Ramesh Agarwal and secretary Rakesh Garg were present on the occasion.

Chandigarh Trade Association President Ravi Prakash Kansal was also present on the occasion. On this occasion, awards were given to The Ramgarh Fort, Tamzaraa, Best Western Hotel Maryland, Welcome Hotel Bela vista, The Aroma, Hotel Sunpark. Celebrity chef Vishwadeep Bali was also present on the occasion. Officers of State Bank of India, officers of Oxford Street and officers of Solidas Company were also present on the occasion. Solidas Company was awarded here.


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