I’m dead

By Pramendra Srivastava

I’m dead For those who don’t care for me.

I’m dead For those who never had me in their head.

I’m dead For those who never knew I’m born.

I’m dead the day I lost confidence.

I’m dead the day I lost essence and worth.

I’m dead the day I lost support from friends.

I’m dead the day my soul asks me… what to do with this Body now?

I see around, many struggling like me,

Helpless like me, dead like me

I’m dead already, for self, so why not donate my body and soul to them…

Dead for self, dead for others, yet ready to live for others

I’m dead if I only see myself, but I see the world needing me… now

And there I found a new life…in this life itself

And here I am, dead but not dead…

As I have a purpose beyond self…

And here I have the true meaning of life

I see the light….I show the light.

I give hopes .. I mend ways for many…

I live, I’m not dead.

Dedicated to those who may think of following SSR….



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