India: How To Correct Or Modify Voters ID Card Details Online And Offline

The Lok Sabha elections are fast approaching and it will be your responsibility to bring in the new government or retain the current one. But before that, citizens are advised to check their details from the Election Commission site before going to vote in your constituency.

All eligible citizens need to have their voter ID card to exercise voting rights. But if you’re a new or fresh voter, please note to check your spelling on a voter ID card and voters list, as earlier mistakes were found.

If there’s a mistake or spelling correction or you want to change your name, address (mostly females after marriage), you can apply for correction online and offline.

In case of any correction like changing your address, if you’re shifting from one place to another, visit EC site. On the homepage, click on Form 8 after which your Form 8 will appear. Fill all required details, verify all the detailed filled in and submit it.

EC will further rectify the information. The same steps can be followed to change or correct name in the voter ID card.

If you’re aren’t able to do it online or if you don’t have access to the internet, don’t worry at all as you can follow the process offline as well. You have to submit an application (Form 8) with supporting documents to change or correct your name.

The form is available to download from the Chief Electoral Officer’s (CEO) site of your state. But as mentioned, if you don’t have access to the internet, the form is also available with all electoral offices in the country. Along with the form 8, citizens have to give all necessary information such as name, contact details, your voter ID card number, constituency details as well as the documents mentioning the changed or corrected name.

After submitting the form, citizens who have asked to make changes or modifications will get to see the results in the next voters’ list. You can also track the status of your application online by visiting the site of the CEO of your state.



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