Two Girls Tied, Beaten for Hours; Shameless Locals Make Video

Two Girls Tied and a man tied with tree

In yet another case of brutality, a man and two of his cousin sisters were tied to a tree and badly thrashed for hours after he allegedly eloped with a married woman. The incident has been reported from Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh.

One of the girls who was molested and brutally thrashed was a minor. The report said that the attacker includes the husband of the eloped woman.

The attackers alleged that the sisters of the man helped the couple ran away. Tragically, instead of rescuing the victims, the onlookers ‘enjoyed’ the ghastly incident and shot their video. The video of the brutal act has gone viral on social media. A video of the incident seems to show the onlookers laughing as the victims were mercilessly beaten.

As one of the girl attempts to block the blows, her hand was twisted by an elderly man and attackers continue to hit her.

The district police have registered the case against nine accused, five of whom are arrested. The accused have been sent to jail. “We have arrested five persons, including three women, and they have been sent to jail. We hope to arrest the four absconders soon,” the report quoted City SP Sanjay Muwel as saying.

According to police, the incident happened when the wife of the prime accused eloped with the man. Her husband filed a missing person’s complaint and continues to look for the woman. Police say the accused managed to contact the man and asked him to come to Arjun colony for for a compromise.

But when the man reached the spot along with her cousin sisters, the three were badly beaten up by the accused Mukesh. It took four hours for the police to rescue the victims.

The Correspondent Bureau with inputs from agencies


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