Chandigarh will have its missing ‘Sector 13’ soon

TC Bureau: Chandigarh will soon have “Sector 13”, a sector which never existed since its formation on November 1, 1966. For, the Chandigarh Administration has chalked out a proposal for renaming of eight areas, which are not covered under the sectoral grid here.

As per the proposal, Manimajra would be renamed as “Sector 13” in the city. In the notification issued, the UT Administration has proposed renaming of Manimajra, Industrial Areas, Maloya among other places here. It is said that when Swiss-born French architect Le Corbusier was designing Chandigarh, he never included “Sector 13” in the layout of the city. While many believe that “Number 13” is considered unlucky in France and this superstition led to the omission of “Sector 13” from Chandigarh city, the official documents tell a different story.

The city development plan states, “The sectors of the city are numbered commencing from the northern most edge of the city with the highest numbers located at the southern edge. There is no Sector 13 in Chandigarh, but the addition or subtraction of the number of any two consecutive Sectors in Phase I sectors vertically amounts to 13 or its multiple (e.g. Sec. 2 + Sec. 11 = 13, Sec.11 + Sec. 15=26, etc.).”


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