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Bansal assures quick redressal of demands in neglected Manimajra, Khuda Lahora

Congress Lok Sabha candidate Pawan Kumar got a rousing welcome as he reached Manimajra (Samadhi Gate) and Khuda Lahora along with other party leaders. Bansal who has during his tenure ensured a lot of development...

Modi is a millionaire and has MA degree

For the last 20 years, Narendra Modi has been getting government salary - 15 years as Gujarat chief minister and five years as Prime Minister. With an average Rs 2 lakh...

Happy Summer: Naturally Flavored Water In Endless Varieties

Subtle flavour without sweetnessThese aren't sweet waters, so they'll be disappointed if that's what you're expecting. This is water with subtle flavours infused into it. Water with a little something extra. A...

PM Modi Interacts With Akshay Kumar

Amid the heat of the ongoing Lok Sabha election, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar brought in a welcomed respite by interacting in a non-political chat with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The interaction took...
Abhishek Singhvi

Congress: we won’t stop using ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’ slogan

The Congress party said a detailed explanation has been given to the Supreme Court, but will not stop using ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’ slogan, which is targetted at “Prime Minister Narendra Modi and...

Books Are Our Best Friends: Reasons Why It Is Absolutely True

Books never judge you No matter how you look, what you wear or what other people think about you, books will never judge you based on anything.

Sonia Gandhi: LS elections Will Decide Fate Of Country

UPA chairperson and Congress candidate from Rae Bareli Sonia Gandhi said the 2019 Lok Sabha elections are not “ordinary” as they will decide who will rule the country — those who “destroyed”...

Azam Khan: I Am Being Treated As A Terrorist

SP leader Azam Khan apparently got emotional and burst into tears while alleging that the administration is cracking down heavily on his acquaintances and supporters. “I am being treated as if...

Rahul: PM Modi Stealing Money And Giving It To His Friends

Congress president Rahul Gandhi accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of “stealing money from the wallets of people and giving it to his friends.” “PM Modi stole the money from your wallets in...

5 Reasons Why Men Cheat

Why do men cheat, exactly? According to research, it may be that he’s beginning a new decade of life. Dr. Justin Lehmiller explains that being at an...

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