Google Pay user loses ₹2.7 lakh to fake customer care execs

In a case of identity theft, which is one of the major modes of operation for cybercrime in the city, a Google Pay customer was allegedly cheated of Rs 2.7 lakh by imposters posing as customer care personnel.

The matter came to light through a complaint with the cyber crime police on Tuesday.

As per the complaint, Kundan Kumar, 29, from Hoige Bazar in the city, was cheated of Rs 2.7 lakh while trying to get money refunded from a transaction that had failed on the popular payment portal earlier.

However, he stumbled upon the wrong contact number for customer service on the internet and this caused him to lose a fortune.

Kumar, believing it to be the customer care service, called up and complained to the personnel that the money that was earlier transacted by the payment portal was not yet refunded to his account. The person on the line asked him for his bank account number first and then a code and assured the amount would be refunded in 24 hours.

The next day morning, Kundan, to his surprise, found Rs 2.7 lakhs deducted from his bank account through a UPI transaction.

City cyber crime police are investigating the case.


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