NASA: Today’s Hunger moon To Be 583 Km Closer To Us

A super snow moon, mid-winter moon or the hunger moon will cross the skies on Tuesday, February 19. The full moon today will be closer to earth, will be larger, brighter and will definitely command attention in the sky. When the moon is full and at its perigee and is the point in its orbit when it is closest to the Earth is called Supermoon. This week’s perigee will be about 362 miles (583 kilometers) closer to us than last month’s supermoon. The subsequent full moon in March will also be a “supermoon”. Two and four full moons can be classified as “supermoons” in a given year.

Why winter moon called “Snow Moon” and ‘Hunger Moon”

According to NASA, the term “snow moon” is the historic name given to the second full moon of winter by certain Native American tribes in the US. It is called the snow moon due to typical snowfall during this time of year. Heavy snowfall is also the reason for its alternative name the “hunger moon.”

Snow Moon Timings

The moon will reach its full peak on February 19, 2019, at 10:54 am EST or around 9:30 pm IST. The snow moon is visible to most in the US at that time.

Last month, Super Blood Wolf Moon was seen on January 20 and 21 when the moon took a reddish glow from refracted light. Sky-watchers across the entire Western Hemisphere were able to see the eclipse.

Next super moon

The next full moon will be on March 20, and while it is also going to be a supermoon” it will not be as big as the super snow moon.

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