Kiran Bedi for exposing fraud businessmen

LG Kiran Bedi sharing her work station with officials. Photo Courtesy Raj Bhawan

‘Businessmen should NEVER EVER be allowed to take the banking system for a ride’

Puducherry Lt Governor Dr Kiran Bedi, an anti-corruption crusader, has been a vocal propagator of dealing with fraudsters who take the system for a ride. Considering banking sector as the backbone of the economy, Dr Bedi feels that banking is all about trust. She feels that monitoring the banking sector will reduce the non-performing assets that have increased over the years.

In an exclusive interaction with The Correspondent editor M K Tayal, she advocates strict action against willful defaulters.

“Businessmen should NEVER EVER be allowed to take the banking system for a ride and return loans they have taken from the banks,” Dr Bedi remarked.

“Banking is trust money. We must treat it as a trust. We must monitor,” she says. “And see the result. NPAs will fall,” the country’s first lady IPS officer said.

LG Kiran Bedi pipping an officer.
Photo Courtesy Raj Bhawan

Regarding exposing the corrupt willful defaulters, Dr Bedi advocates strict action. “We must freeze the assets of

white collar crime. Unless we do that we will not able to contain it. They must not enjoy the benefits of crime money.”

“We cannot play with bank money. It’s our security and progress when used rightly,” she added.

On exposing the Willful defaulters, Dr Bedi supports the Government’s move to name and shame them. “Yes. If it is Govt of India Order for all, it must be respected and adhered to.”

Dr Bedi also favoured exposing the businessmen in Puducherry, “Do this for Puducherry Banks.”

Her advise to the banks on how to handle the defaulters – “Give all concerned people a notice to pay up by end of the month or else we shall go public. Or maximum April mid. Or else the list will be published. It has to be done. We can’t go on protecting people who have stolen poor man’s public money.”

Born June 9, 1949, Dr Bedi, social activist, tennis player and politician, is the first woman to join the Indian Police Service (IPS). She remained in service for 35 years before taking voluntary retirement in 2007 as Director General, Bureau of Police Research and Development before joining the Anna Hazare anti-corruption campaign. As Lt Gov of Puducherry, she is working to make the administration more accountable and bridge the gap between administration and the people.