India blasts Pak over scribes, HR activists killings

India has lambasted Pakistan for fomenting a fake narrative against India at the world forum. At the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, India exercised the right of reply to the statement made by Pakistan yesterday.

India’s First Secretary at the UN Permanent Mission in Geneva, Pawan Badhe said that resorting to abusive and unacceptable language against India can’t rectify Pakistan’s dubious human rights record. He said that no fabricated words against India is going to change the fact that Pakistan and territories under its control are death-traps for journalists, human rights defenders, social activists, and religious and ethnic minorities.

In his statement, he added that perennial India-bashing project of Pakistan in the UN system is also not going to change the fact that hundreds of journalists and human rights defenders die each year in Pakistan due to systematic killings including extra-judicial ones.

Taking a dig at Pakistan’s historically poor record on human rights and democratic values, India said that while the world has progressed well, Pakistan is still at the crossroads to understand the real meaning of modern laws, democracy and human rights.


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