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“Should the Lockdown Open”

Vivek Sachar: As I write the Global figures stand at 3 Million with USA alone grappling with 1 Million effected.
The countries without MALARIA problem taking higher hit. In First place the let us understand what we have done and what we want to undo – in our lifetimes perennial & predictable problems come every year in monsoon rains and despite assurances of preparation the first showers show us a dismal report card all over India at respective District levels year after year. Here we are addressing – Future of the biggest public Participative disaster management module on Earth which arrived with no notice and no answers on what had been done last year & known to mankind with close to 50 Million active participants and nearly 1000 Million passive participants not to forget a few million self proclaimed Intellectuals.

My answer is:

YES – but in Non Red Zones – and at District level Only -the lockdown must go – it also brings to fore an issue WHY & WHAT future has in store in terms of opportunity & Future of a Nation.

In laymans word the reason why the lock down needs to go is that it has taken away a year’s worth savings of the lower stratas of Society as well as retention capacity of Businesses to support employment in recession .
Now coming to the second aspect – What lies ahead – the lockdown release is expected to be gradual to ensure avoidance of a disaster – the major projects have started with permissions ranging from 33 To 50 % strength they will pick up speed gradually the actual challenges lies in opening transportation lines Road /Rail/Air /Sea this is going to be a very tough call – A short Distance travel might be an option.

Now the last part – What lies ahead – thinking positively I think 5 Trillion economy does and How do I say that – I draw a simple Parallel between post World War 1 Recession – USA under Roosevelt – Kept people engaged on Mega Projects – these were the foundation stones for today’s 45 Trillion behemoth.
How we do it brings a very simple idea to my mind – the basic challenge is to add about 2-3 Crore people to a process in next 10-15 Days which can ensure livelihood over a couple of years – point is where does this come from to support displaced labour – the Answer lies in revamping MNREGA & give rural employment for 250 instead of 100 Days this can be done in next 10 Days – By using entire manpower to convert Gram Sabha land into 8 Feet deep lakes before Monsoon – this does rain water harvesting , afforestation,helps in PARALI composting for mushrooms , with surplus water opens up fisheries to make Gram Sabha an economically viable unit doubling farmers income.
It’s these 250 Days worth of payment which will drive the cash flow of economy for next 5 Years & Bring Economy & Prospariety.

Now the next major step – what can give massive employment right away – The Answer lies in THAR Desert – A project bigger than SUIZ CANAL driving through Desert will open World’s first Inland Sea Port – bring prosperity & Greenery and Secure Western Borders as well. Displaced Soil goes into sea making offshore islands of Strategic importance and high real estate value.This becomes the driving engine for economy & 5 Trillion Ambition.

These are wishful thoughts for if we collectively take on this containment challenge collective will can achieve this as well.

Just my thoughts



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