Strong reactions pour against the ‘bloody’ headline

TC Bureau Chandigarh: The Correspondent carried a story on the state of hospitals and how the government polices and their strict implementation is keeping patients away from hospitals and how the hospitals are reluctant to admit patients in the lockdown, which even have resulted in many deaths. Prime Minister Narender Modi imposed country wide lockdown last month virtually from May 22, Janta curfew day (but effective from March 24). There is an ongoing debate about the pros and cons of the announcements. Certain policy decisions in the lockdown have crippled the health care in the country. There were reports that hospitals were not accepting non-Covid patients and turning them away. Many deaths have happened due to such callous turning away of patients by the hospitals.
The Correspondent reported three such deaths. We carried an article giving details of the various aspects of the policy. The article, written by M K Tayal, was titled, “Mr Prime Minister, bloody wake up”.

We asked the question who is responsible for drawing blood and the deaths.
The ‘senseless’ of complete lockdown, resulted in OPDs at many hospitals being closed. Government hospitals were turning away non-Covid patients. In Government hospitals, many, if not all, departments have been turned into quarantine zones and are being readied for Covid patients.
The doctors are not seeing patients. They are keeping six-eight feet distance from patients.Government is struggling to provide testing kits all over the country. PPE equipment is still not available to all.
Private hospitals have been at the receiving end of government policies that have constantly been changing. Even if one Covid-19 patient has been found, the government has sealed the entire hospital. There are reported cases.
The Government has fixed the rate of charges for private hospitals. This is commendable.
Government has imposed strict social distancing policy. Many private hospitals and nursing homes are not in a position to impose these strict instructions. Some beds in nursing homes are less than two feet away in many cases or even lesser.

They don’t have the infrastructure that big corporate hospitals have. Private hospitals are not being able to operate elective surgeries. They cannot thus pay salaries of staff.

We ask why have OPDs been closed? Are there no other patients in the country? What about those suffering from various ailments.
Public transport is off. How is anyone with any ailment supposed to visit any hospital?
People are not allowed to work. Without any money, how any poor person who is daily wage earner expected to pay for his food, let alone any medical expense? A doctor has reported that poor are dropping their children as they don’t have money to feed the current family.

The Correspondent asked Mr. Modi what the lockdown has done. Was it wise to close OPD services or disallow economic activity, stopping public transport altogether and not allowing people to earn their daily bread?
On ground the situation is critical to say the least. The medical facilities of corona patients and other patients need to be improved at this stage.
Though the PM has been active but these policy gaps have left a huge gap. And the sentiment of ‘bloody’ was expressed to draw blood and draw the attention of the authorities.
Readers across spectrum reacted sharply in favour of the article or against the headline. Many readers have requested their names not be carried. However, we chose to reflect their sentiment against the headline, which needed to be brought out.

Name withheld – But the sentiment needs to be brought out.
If we talk in terms of “Bloody Wake him Up” – statement itself concludes that the judgment/Verdict has been decided and everything there after is just a formality.
Issues that are of District /CMO level do not need involvement of PM – the focus should be on erring CMO & disease diagnostic’s & Treatment have to be of the same issue for cure.
It appears responsibility is being fixed only at 1 Place – there are ministries – State Ministries – District Administration. Who needs to be woken is CMO of the District.
Am not sure of the statement in absence of any genuine data to the effect.
Why should PM ‘BLOODY’ wake up ? Why shouldn’t the Administrator or Amarinder Singh be addressed as such?
Incorrect terminology for an elected Head of the State. Doesn’t bring any credibility to the publication at all. Are you pointing towards Maharashtra or is the finger towards Gujarat or questions are being raised at WB ?

PGIMER is not a centre subject. For everything PM is asking for slightly more. Select Logon ko chicken mutton daaru, hair stylist, fancy foods anything is available in Chandigarh and PM Modi has shut that too. I think the language has to be polite and actionable rather make it glaring and harsh that people miss the major SD and start pointing out the minor without reading the context.

People dying due to lockdown? What makes you think so? Aim of lockdown is just the opposite. What is the alternative to lockdown when the pandemic is still raging? Am sure any good idea will be welcomed by the Govt.
We should not forget that this is an extraordinary situation which needs tough measures. All we can do is patiently support the system. Babus also come from the same stock. Our national character is not right. Why only babus. Look around. You will find more corrupt and hardly any honest people. Capable guys try their best to go abroad and settle down. It’s only our org where the no of sincere people is good.

As a reader I believe this article is perfect example of over sensationalism. I am with you on the problem being raised but the target is wrong. The govt hospitals are designated to deal with pandemics but private hospitals are open to treat patients. Their refusal I am sure is not coming due to govt pressure.
Being in business or healthcare means one has to deal with regulations. Just an example today some IT companies are operating and they are suppose to follow norms of social distancing. It is not Apple to Apple comparison but they are doing what they are suppose to do for their commitments to clients and biz.

Ambulances are working and there is also medical permissions given to vehicles for emergency by DC/DM office. Subodh Sachan, Delhi

PM Ki Post Ki Bhi Ek Garima Hoti Uske Prati Sajagata Rahni Chahiye. (The post of PM is has a dignity. Please be sensitive to the issue. Geeta Goel, Panipat

You should not abuse the post of PM. Bloody may be tantamount to abuse.
Anuj Tayal, Uttar Pradesh

I think the centre point is missed. The only plea is during the lock down do not forget patients with diseases other than Covid 19. Even director AIIMS have same view not to forget non Covid 19 patients
Mamta Banerji & the WB Govt must wake up!

I thought hospitals are open for all patients… We should not close doors to patients. Pramendra Srivastava

PM might get annoyed with you.. Kardak Doji, Arunachal Pradesh

Good article
Supreet Kaur

Are you ready
(for any action against you)..
Bhupinder N Singh

Very true. Matter Nicely depicted.

I strongly condemns this artical headline ! It seems that the facts have not been at all considered while forwarding the artical ! I would say cheap propoganda!
Rajiv Kalia

Something is not right about the kind of “ over the top “ headline and the Modi fixation.

Though lockdown was a dire necessity, this govt has always used it’s muscle power aka clear majority and favor of the masses to implement any bloody scheme without giving a detailed look at outcomes. Whether it was demonetization, which did not achieve the stated goal, so goal posts kept shifting or the GST, which opposed by them in opposition – just the hate blinds their thought process. Do no sane advice either from Reserve Bank of India Governor or eminent economists, including former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

The lockdown was imposed even before a roadmap could be made to feed the poor, hungry migrant labours, daily wagers, vegetable hawkers, etc who even on a normal day would lose a days bread if they fall dick for a day.

This government boasts of bold and fast decisions because it first require brains to take such decisions without giving a proper detailed thought and thinking about solutions first.
Name withheld on request

Another pertinent issue! Raised timely and pertinently. Why are the hospitals shying away or refusing treatment for other ailments than Corona ? Just for the fear of getting sealed if the patient turns out positive? Are they under some Govt strictures to treat only Corona cases? So neither are they treating Corona and neither other ailments, then they are as good as sealed!
Name withheld on request

Sir, health is a state subject. Mr Badal, the most corrupt politician in history of Sikhs ruled for 10 years. The Raja, Capt Amrinder Singh, now in third year – what have they done to establish more hospitals. The other day Raja said I will cancel the license of private hospital if they refuse to see patient. The federal structure has ‘screwed’ us with religious based governments in power and Gurudwara Golaks for filling their coffers.
Name withheld on request

PM should look how middle class persons are facing the problems during this lockdown…
Pawan Kumar, Chandigarh

“I feel the problems are like any other ailment – they have to be diagnosed and treated at point of Origin. The accountability here lies at CMO ( Chief Medical Officer) and DM ( District Magistrate) level. These are full time public Servants and we need to make them accountable. Responsibility of interpreting Law & Taking cognizance thereof under Articles 13 & 32 is also delegated at District Levels”. I will appreciate if we take District as a unit for Public Administration & address it there instead of putting efforts in non productive efforts. Just my views. Vivek Sachar

Good decision taken at right time for lockdown, but need to look forward for needs of Indians..
Sejal, Panchkula

Ultimate article, hope that government should wake up now..
Ranjana Saini

Time to Wake up Modi ji… TC

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