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Do’s And Don’ts For This Summer

Summer scorches almost all the parts of India with sweltering heat. The scorching sun which soaks all the energy leads to dehydration in the human body.

The month of June is the hottest month of the year in India when the temperature crosses even 45 degrees. It is always advisable to the tourists and Local people not to visit the country during summer for the fear of various infections and ailments like Cholera and diarrhea. The summer season remains generally active from mid-May to mid-July every year.

The food and activities should be such that it combats the hot and dry qualities of the atmosphere. Sweet, cold and liquid foods are suggested in summers as they bring back the moistures, sucked out by the summer heat.


Drink a lot of water to avoid Dehydration.

Always wear light thin cotton clothes when you go out or even you are at home.

Apply perfume or Deo to avoid the sweat smell.

Always rub an ice cube on your face once in a day to avoid skin damage.

Never forget to Drink some natural energy drinks like lemonade, sugarcane juice, Glucose-D.

Eat light food.

Wear shoes, suncoat, scarfs(girls) to avoid sunstroke and other allergy problems.

Apply sunscreen when you go out.


Avoid alcohol, caffeine & soft drinks since they all act as diuretics and may cause more fluid loss.

Do not go out in the direct sun.

Avoid extensive physical activity.

Do not send children or pets out in the sun or leave them in closed vehicles.

Avoid wearing dark, heavy or tight clothes

Avoid cooking during peak heat hours. If it is necessary to cook, then, open doors & windows in order to ventilate the cooking area.

Avoid eating unhealthy and food outside

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