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Editor – Capt MK Tayal

Commissioned in the Army during the start of militancy, Tayal was deployed in counter insurgency operations. Later, while serving in South, he was involved in the Latur earthquake mitigation operation and riot control duties in Mumbai.

He has been with Times of India, The Observer of Business and Politics and Mid Day before joining The Correspondent. He exposed corruption at the highest level in judiciary. Articles covering activities of former Chief Justice of India Y K Sabarwal and his sons who in partnership with businessmen benefited from the sealing drive. The stories regarding the ex-Chief Justice of India and his sons are considered a milestone in investigative journalism. Facing four month jail term for contempt of court, did not deter Tayal. While the newspaper in which the stories were published buckled under immense pressure, Tayal went on to launch The Correspondent, which stands today for fighting corruption, development and progressive journalism.

He has written a book, A Little Blue, Perhaps and is a recipient of Special Service Medal by the President of India.

He can be contacted at editor@thecorrespondent.in

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