Life Changing Seminar by Swot Institute Knowledge Series conducted at Ankur School PU

TC Bureau (Chandigarh): A motivational session for the students of Ankur School’s classes X , XI and XII was conducted by Col Urvinder Singh of Swot Institute. He delivered a motivational speech on life learning skills and moral values. He shared his life experiences of how students face insecurities, fears, and also the many opportunities they get to participate in sports, art, etc and expand their horizon for the good.

His speech instilled values of perseverance, confidence, serenity, honesty and wisdom. The session made the students realised that the moment one figures out what is best for her/him and with her/his talent and passion, coupled with intention to deliver her/his best to achieve it, one gets success.

Col Urvinder also mentioned about eliminating the negativity-inferiority complex, irresponsible behaviour and indifferent attitude. One should learn from travelling, playing and cultivate hobbies to keep oneself busy in constructive activities. He also guided students about choosing right career including Armed Forces .

He concluded by asking students to introspect, judge and give feedback about their behaviour to themselves and start working on improvement plan. Such sessions have life changing impact on young minds and help them achieve their goals in life and help in choosing right career said Principal Parminder Duggal .


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