‘Possessed’ Rakhi Sawant tears off Rahul Mahajan’s clothes

Mumbai: In a new episode of the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 14, Rakhi Sawant is seen stripping housemate Rahul Mahajan, as part of a task where she has to act possessed.

Contestant Jasmin Bhasin tries to intervene, but Rakhi does not stop. Rahul Vaidya steps in and says this has to end now. An angry Aly Goni finally loses his cool and says that the ongoing Captaincy Task will not continue until Bigg Boss took action over Rakhi’s behaviour with Rahul Mahajan.

The incident shocked many who saw the promo because they feel that had it been a male contestant tearing a woman’s clothes in the house, there would rightly have been a big debate over vulgarity and sexism on television by now.

The incident happened after Rakhi went into ghost mode. She had previously said that she was possessed by a 200-year-old spirit named Julie. From scaring Eijaz Khan to shouting at Rahul Mahajan, the “possessed” Rakhi had the house confused.

Now, she has taken the gimmick to a new unprecedented low, going by the promos aired.

It all occurred when the makers conducted a task, where Rahul Mahajan plays the zamindar while Rakhi Sawant poses near the fountain as Julie, the spirit of his wife whom he has killed. Jasmin is the wife.

The deal of the task is, as a spirit Rakhi needs to be ignored by the contestants. Whichever contestant acknowledges her will be out of the race for Captain.

Rakhi starts the task by posing as if she has been possessed by the spirit of Julie. She enters the house and takes her ‘badla’ on Rahul Mahajan and the housemates.

As Julie, Rakhi promises to take revenge on the housemates. She also swears that she will not let Jasmin become captain this time, and is seen walking around in the garden area only to enter the house whenever the buzzer rings.

Rakhi then spooks Rahul Vaidya, Aly Goni, Nikki Tamboli, before she targets Rahul Mahajan. She is heard saying things such as she would tear Rahul’s “dhoti” and turn it into a “rumaal” (handkerchief) .

But she takes the joke a tad too low and actually starts pulling at and tearing Rahul’s clothes.

It is not known if season 14 has more of such low-brow antics in store, in order to boost ratings. Rakhi however seems unfazed as ever by the reaction to the promo, living up to the tag of controversy’s favourite child with her latest antics.


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