Is it blackmail or plain simple medical expenses?

Saroj Hospital charges Rs 14.5 lakh for a Covid patients flouting Delhi Govt norms

The Correspondent Bureau

Is it loot, blackmail or plain simple medical expenses?  Saroj Hospital charged exorbitant amount of Rs 14 lakh for a Covid 19 patient who eventually died on Oct 15 at 11 am and settled for Rs 3 lakh less on the total bill after relatives objected to the overpriced bill.

Saroj Super Speciality Hospital in Delhi’s Rohini admitted Anil Kumar on Sept 18 affected with corona virus and immediately put in him intensive care unit. The relatives kept paying and had deposited approximately Rs 2.5 lakh. The insurance policy covering Anil was adjusted to cover Rs 8 lakh.

 After 28 days, the hospital declared the patient dead and put up a provisional demand of Rs 4 lakh more for the final amount of Rs 14.5 lakh.

Having adjusted the initial payment and insurance cover, the hospital had received Rs 10.5 lakh and demanded Rs 4 lakh to clear the bill before initiating procedure to dispose of the body as per the guidelines. However, when pointed out the hospital had inflated its bill, and had charged Rs 6.5 lakh of ‘drugs’ alone, and the relatives threatened to call the cops, the hospital quickly changed its bill and asked the relatives to deposit only Rs 1 lakh to dismiss the matter.

After having received the amount, the Hospital called in the MCD on Oct 16 to be taken to taken for cremation. According to the Delhi Government order dated June 20, private hospitals could not charge more than Rs 15,000 for ICU (without the need for ventilator and including PPE kit of Rs 2000).

Delhi Government help 1031 said it had no jurisdiction over private hospitals. Dr Anil, North West District Surveillance officer said, it was the responsibility of the MCD and the private hospital to dispose of the body as per norms.

Delhi  Health Minister Satender Jain did not respond to the call by The Correspondent.

Dipti handling media and public relations of the Saroj Super Speciality Hospital did not respond to SMS sent by The Correspondent.


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